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Bespoke stationery brings you an experience and outcome completely unique to you and your personal preferences. Bespoke work gives you more options and more room to experiment with us to create your perfect suites. 

A common misconception with bespoke work is that it has to be a large project, but that's not the case. Whether you want 10 invitations or 200, bespoke work could be the perfect option for you if you have some really specific themes and ideas in mind. 

Choosing bespoke with us means we can offer beautiful stationery at a fair price using quality materials, whilst honing our own styles and crafts to bring your beautiful stories to life.


Kick our conversation off by enquiring through the form on our Enquire page. We'll begin by getting to know your story and the ideas and themes you have in mind, the more information you give us the better!


From this initial conversation we will draw up a proposal and contract and if you wish to proceed we will require a 50% deposit up front and designing can commence!


The design process is the fun part and we will be wanting you to be as present as physically possible during this time.

We strive to make your designs to your standards so feedback and approval is vital to the development of your suites.


During this time everything will be covered from card stock, to colour palettes to final embellishments.

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Once the design process is complete and the final proof has been approved, printing and assembly can begin. Each suite is assembled individually in house and then packaged carefully ready for shipment.

Each piece is handled with the upmost care, we take pride in our work and want you to receive a product nothing shy of perfect.

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The biggest perk of bespoke work is having access to a much larger range of card stock and embellishments, and who doesn't love those finishing touches! Different colours, textures and embellishment can really elevate your invitation suite and make it something truly remarkable. Here are some of the material & embellishment upgrades we have on offer.

Hand Drawn Illustration

Watercolour & Gouache Elements

Venue Illustration & Keepsake Print

Envelope Liners

Silk & Satin Ribbon

Custom Wax Stamp Design & Seals

Additional Insert Cards

Hand finished Foil Leaf

Vellum Wraps

Large Range of Card Stocks


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