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    2.0 I here you question?! This listing is for the imperfectly perfect wax seals that include all the same designs and colours. These seals may not be perfectly round but they are perfectly usable. 

    I create a lot of wax seals purely for video purposes, so many in fact I can’t get through them all personally, if you’d like a small set of seals, with a variety of designs and colours then look no further. 


    Each set comes with either 6 or 9 not too shabby wax seals with adhesive backings already applied, just peel off the backing and stick to your desired stationery. These small batches are great if you have a few cards or invites to send and want all the same seals with a little bit of money off!


    Current selection includes 

    Blush Butterflies x9 (Blush large butterflies 30mm seals)

    Bronze Rosemary x6 (champagne bronze rosemary seals)

    Grass Branches x6 (Avocado large grass branches 30mm seals)

    Berry Blooms x6 (Cranberry floral bloom seals)

    Coral Florals x9 (Coral & dried petal organic seals)

    Trees of Life x6 (Avocado standard tree of life seals)

    White Cheers x6 (white prosecco glasses seals)

    Champagne Blooms x6 (light champagne floral seals)

    Pastel Hearts x6 (lilac and dusty blue infinite love seals)

    Atlantis x6 (metallic light blue lost city seals 30mm)

    Monstera x6 (pistachio & khaki monstera leaf seals)

    Shining Stars x6 (champagne celestial star 30mm seals)

    Dandelions x6 (lemon & peach dandelion seals)

    Lilac Daisies x6 (cool toned lilac daisy seals)

    Unicorn Dream x6 (pastel tie dye 30mm 3D Unicorn seals)


    These sets are made using wax colours that aren't always available or use wax mixes that are incredibly rare and unique. These are limited to very small batches of 1-4 packs of each so be quick if you find a set you like!

    • Pre made imperfect seals
    • Adhesive backings already applied
    • Each pack is extremely limited.