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    A variety of imperfect wax seals, these seals may not be perfectly round but they are perfectly usable. 

    I create a lot of wax seals purely for video purposes, so many in fact I can’t get through them all personally, if you’d like a small set of seals, with a variety of designs and colours then look no further. 


    Each set comes with either 6 or 9 not too shabby wax seals with adhesive backings already applied, just peel off the backing and stick to your desired stationery. 


    Current selection includes 

    Garden Party (metallics, neutrals, celebration and florals)

    Light & Airy (shades of blues and greens, back to nature)

    Afternoon Tea (Peachy pastels, celebration and florals)

    Petal Power (pretty in pink and full of love and florals)

    Far Far Away (blue and bronze seals from a land far far away)

    The 90's Called (girly seals in a less than girly shade of 90's greige)

    Pretty in Pink (feminine and pink and full of love)

    A Cold Snap (think frosty mornings in shades of blue and green)

    Lost my Marbles (various pastel shades of blank marble seals)

    Bed of Roses (tie dye, brightly coloured roses)

    Sweater Weather (shades of terracotta, champagne and mauve, perfect cosy vibes)

    Dried Florals (white & grey seals with various dried flowers including Lavender and dried petals)

    Botanicals (multi coloured range of our favourite botanical leafy stamps)

    Frosted Botanicals (white pearl botanical seals)

    Bright & Cheery (multi coloured cheers seals perfect for celebrations)

    White Florals (white seals with yellow and pink dried petals)

    Marble Botanicals (completely random colour mixes in our 3 stamps Dandelions, Monstera & Daisy)


    These are limited to very small batches of 1-4 packs of each so be quick if you find a set you like!

    • Pre made imperfect seals
    • Adhesive backings already applied
    • Each pack is extremely limited.